A little slice of authentic Naples has found a home, of all places, in the middle of Irvine. Indeed, Angelina’s Pizzeria in the Los Olivos Marketplace across the freeway from the Irvine Spectrum has gone out of its way to provide genuine and delicious Italian fare beyond just pizzas.

Angelina’s first location opened in Dana Point in 2012 as more of a traditional pizzeria. Four years later, in 2016, the Irvine location opened its doors, becoming the restaurant’s bigger and fancier flagship location. “The Dana Point location is smaller pizza, pasta and salads. The Irvine location’s focus is more of a showcase,” says Angelina’s Executive Chef Jonah Amodt. “When you come in, [there is a wow factor]. When you think of pizzeria, a lot of people think small, [but] when you walk in, the focus is really the ambiance. It’s a beautiful location.”

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